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Corporate Culture of NIERBO

NIERBO, founded in 2014, is mainly engaged in home theater, entertainment audio and video equipment. We are devoted to specialize in visually elegant yet highly functional digital products.

Our unlimited passion for technology, products and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment the way customers enjoy. Here we would like to share our corporate culture with you!


In NIERBO, our mission is to create excellent products, and strive for colorful human life.


Entertain thousands of households with products from NIERBO. By providing high-quality products and service, we aim to make people in good mood, enjoying more perfect life. Meanwhile, we wish to open creation mode, minimizing adverse impacts on environment as well as positively participating in the governance of environmental sustainability with the corporate continuous development and growth.

Corporate Value:

It can be concluded “3C plus 2H”. 3C represents creativity, challenge, and cooperation, which means the courage to challenge, the spirit to innovate as well as the consciousness to cooperate.2H stands for harmony and honesty. Harmony corresponds to the Chinese old saying “being in the right place at the right time,and in harmony with our neighbor” and honesty is fundamental to a man.

Business Philosophy:

“We care you care”, as our business philosophy, focuses on consumers’ shopping experience, the service level beyond the users’ expectation, as well as improving users’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Product Concept:

Our product concept is “Harmonious Family, Happy Life”, that is to say, improving the relationship between family members with products, and making home the happiest place. The nature of household products is not to show off the performance of products, but the core of household--Choose and use for home, making families more harmonious and more cheerful.

Management Concept:

Management concept consists of four parts: team training, team activities, team execution, and team responsibility.

Talent Concept:

NIERBO places a great emphasis on the happiness of employees, and regards it as the equal importance to the enterprise development. It is the original goal,since NIERBO was established, to make every employee in NIERBO live a happy and decent life. The working environment in NIERBO is relaxing and fair, and everyone will have the sense of ownership and the perception of affiliation of family, with which the enthusiasm and potential of each individual will be motivated to the fullest extent. In NIERBO, any success or failure is not ascribed to only an individual.

Development Concept:

NIERBO only provides the superior products and service in the market, and pursue the status of the market leader. As far as NIERBO is concerned, a company can not develop further if it can not offer the development opportunities to the society, the industry and employees. NIERBO will always stick to the concept of “mutual prosperity” and pursue the common development and prospect with partners.


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