New Technology for Polyester Projector Screen
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By NIERBO | 11 June 2019 | 0 Comments

How to solve the light-transmission problem of portable projector screen?

If you are a portable projector screen lover, maybe you are always haunting by its light-transmission, especially for thin polyester projector screen.
In order to overcoming this defect of polyester screen, Nierbo took half a year in developing new material to replace the previous one. And finally we success, this kind of new material makes great improvements on many ways.

【Fabric Projection Screen with Double Layer】 It's designed to be white in the front, black in the back now. This unique technology helps to reduce the light transmission, and improve the picture quality greatly.

【A Screen with Higher Color Saturation】 With the 1.5 gain, 100 inch projection movie screen provides an image with higher color saturation. Movie, football match and sports events will be more enjoyable accounting for the 4k resolution.

【No Creases Projection Screen】 You might be annoyed by a screen full of creases. It's our honor to provide you guys a flat and clear projection image even though the screen has been folded. With its high flexibility, the creases will disappear easily with light stretch.

【Easy Installation Kit Included】 There is a 12 meters' rope and a box of 15PCS traceless nails for your easy installation choice. No matter to install it on a frame or attach it on the wall, these tools could meet your needs well.

【Portable from Indoor to Outdoor】 Weights only 0.7kg with a portable bag and can be folded makes this projection screen very portable. You can put it in the backpack, the suitcase and the car easily. No matter indoors or outdoors, one screen will meet the demand. It's an affordable and convenient solution for your professional or personal projection environment.

【Multi-scenario Usage】 NIERBO no creases screen is perfect for education, the presentation of the conference room, public display, outdoor movies, home theaters, businesses, and classrooms. It is also universally suitable for most LED, LCD or DLP projectors on the market. All 4K, 3D and 1080P video can be well projected.

【160 degree visible angle】You can sit in front of the screen and watch the movie normally between 160 degrees centered on the screen. Seeing from a wide angle, it can accommodate more audiences.
At last, pls pay more attention to several notes:

1) Installing: Use a hammer when attaching the nail hook, and wear gloves to prevent hand injury.

2) Washing:  After washing the screen, immediately wipe the metal ring clean with a dry towel and do not leave water stains to prevent the iron ring from rusting.
3) Please do not participate in the installation of the screen as much as possible for the elderly, children and pregnant women.
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